Couple and Family Therapy

Couple Therapy

Being in a relationship can be difficult at times. Communication breaks down and couples find themselves feeling lonely and hopeless. Many life events throughout the life of a couple can cause difficulty. I work with couples to help them begin to re-engage with each other with the hope of an increased understanding and empathy for the others experience. Feelings of loss, betrayal and anger may affect the couple and this has been hard to discuss. Rebuilding a relationship after an affair is particularly difficult and I have worked very intensely with couples who are committed to staying together.

Family Therapy

There are many reasons that families come for therapy.  Communication can break down and there is no longer a safe place for family members to explore what is happening that has created such distress. I work very closely with families to help them understand what is really happening that has created such unhappiness. I work to provide a safe environment where family members can speak honestly and openly to one another. This can only happen when family members work to be respectful and understanding with one another and I try to provide a containing space where we can explore the internal workings of a family in a non threatening and non judgmental way.